I'm Here to Serve!

I’m Holly Cueto, a certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor.  I help busy people take control of not only their health, but more importantly, their happiness.  


My philosophy is everything in balance.  A good healthy balance is key to a great life. And with balance being my thing, it’s no surprise I’m a total yogi.  I first took on yoga to help with stress.  Before yoga, I was basically on the verge of a breakdown daily.  I was overworked, stressed out, and had anxiety so bad I was barely sleeping. I wanted yoga to help me calm down, but I very quickly learned what I was about to gain was going to be much more than just stress relief.  Yoga taught me how to manage and balance out my drive for success and what success really meant to me.  It made me love my body and mind and to connect to them daily.  Most of all, it made me love my life more!  I was so hooked I decided to become an instructor to share these feelings with others!  A few months later I was so happy with my new lifestyle and how I was helping others, that I wanted to take it a step further.  In 2016, I became a certified Health Coach with IIN.  This year long journey catapulted me into an expert level on health and happiness.  As a Health Coach, I take a holistic approach.  We look at not only nutrition, but also relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality.  Because I believe that in order to be truly healthy and happy, one needs all of these aligned.  This is where we come back to my favorite thing- balance!


So why Positive Yogi?  Because this is my other favorite thing and something I feel is crucial in life.  You have to look at life in a positive light.  The world is what you make it, and your world is created by your thoughts.  You can choose to think positively or negatively.  Whichever you choose will come true, so why not choose positive.